Kia To Bring A Bold New Concept To Frankfurt

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Kia has designed a new concpet which looks nothing like any other Kia, in a good way.

The new "four-door coupe" body style is all the rage with German luxury brands, but believe it or not, the car you are looking at there is a Kia. The new four-door is also said to be rear-wheel-drive. This is quite a bold move for Kia, but we have to say it's a welcome one. The styling for this new sport sedan can't help but invoke a certain amount of Lamborghini Estoque, although even the parts which are uniquely Kia still look fantastic.

We have no word yet on what will be under the hood, ever what the concept will be called. But since Kia did such a first-rate job with the styling, we're optimistic that they'll be able to get the rest right. We're just hoping that Kia doesn't decide to set the price around those of its new German rivals.

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