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Kia Transforms Sedona into Rolling Bar for SEMA

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Strange? Yes, but far from the worst idea we've ever seen at SEMA.

When you think of beer and the backs of minivans at the same time, it's usually because you're having to deal in some way with an unwanted teen pregnancy. But Kia would like you to make a positive connection between these two things, and to that end they brought a Sedona to SEMA which has been converted into a rolling bar. And unfortunately, rolling in is all about it will manage since although Kia says it's drivable, it's no longer street legal.

This isn't some cheap thing thrown together to gauge drunk idiots either, that shell is solid mahogany, and it folds up quite excellently. The bar is also a not very subtle ad for Ballast Point beer, and in addition to the signage, the minivan carries four half-barrel kegs of the stuff. There are taps and 120 feet of copper coils to cool the beer. It's one of the most heavily modified vehicles Kia has ever brought to SEMA, and it sits alongside some of the usual high-performance machinery that you expect to see at the show. Now if you will excuse us, this has made us really want a beer.

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