Kia Unmasks Batman Edition Optima

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The first of Kia's Justice League-inspired customized cars has been unveiled in Gotham City.

Kia Motors America has collaborated with DC Entertainment and Rides Magazine to create a Batman-inspired Optima that will go on display this week at New York's Time Warner Center. The custom car marks the start of an eight-car partnership with the members of the Justice League, including Superman, Wonder Woman and Aquaman. One-off Kia cars will be suitably attired to highlight the superheroes personalities and be unveiled over the next ten months at auto shows and comic-cons across the US.

The aim of the project is to raise awareness of DC's "We Can Be Heroes" campaign, a relief effort to fight hunger in Africa. Kia's range-topping Optima SX Limited has been kitted out with a range of unique Batman features. A matte-black paintjob with piano-black Batman logos adorn the exterior, which is complemented by custom 20-inch black alloys and a muscular ground-effects kit. A lowered coilover suspension, Ksport performance brakes and a performance exhaust system have also been fitted in an effort to bring the Optima up to Batmobile spec.

Other exterior enhancements include a Batwing-shaped front grille, which took 40 hours to make, yellow LED lighting and the Bat-signal etched into the HID lights. Inside, the Optima has been upholstered in custom black leather and suede with bold yellow accent stitching. Adding a sense of realism to the fantasy ride is a Bat-suit and cloak mounted in the trunk and throwing stars in the center console.

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