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Kia Won't Tell Buyers About These Secret Stinger Deals

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And nor will dealerships.

The Kia Stinger and Stinger GT are absolutely wonderful performance fastback sedans. Needless to say, Kia impressed the industry with its RWD or AWD BMW and Audi fighters despite massively expanding crossover demand. Not everyone has been converted to the crossover craze and Kia heard those voices loud and clear.

And now there's more good news: according to CarsDirect, the South Korean automaker is giving its US dealership a cash incentive to sell more Stingers now through September 3. However, because it's an incentive and not a rebate, it's totally possible for dealers to pocket the dough themselves instead of passing them on to fine people like you. Here's what you need to know to get the best deal possible. Kia dealers have been authorized to utilize $3,000 off the 2019 Stinger twin-turbo 365 horsepower V6 and $2,000 off the 255 hp turbo-four beyond what's being advertised on national TV.

An existing offer still remains in place for existing Kia owners and those coming from a competitor that sees an additional $2,000 off the V6 and $1,000 off the turbo. Do the math and that's up to $5,000 in possible savings for the V6 and $3,000 for the turbo. Not bad, and it gets better for that certain group of well-qualified buyers. They might be eligible for 0 percent financing for 75 months, but there's a catch. The dealer cash can't be combined with special financing or interest rates. So, in other words, this group of buyers will have to decide between the potential $5,000 in savings or the financing with up to $2,000 cash. Which is the better deal?

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For a vehicle that costs $40k, going with the financing option comes to $38,000 with $507 per month before taxes and other associated fees. Opting for the $5,000 and a loan at 6 percent, the total amounts to $42,058 at $561 per month. With a little over $4,000 advantage for the financing option, that's clearly the way to go. Or is it?

Probably yes, but be aware that some dealers might factor-in the cash and bonus solely to be able to advertise the cheapest price possible. Some dealers likely won't disclose the actual savings breakdown in order to see which incentives are included or not. In other words, shop around and compare offers.