Kia's New Super Bowl Commercial Proves That Not All Superheroes Wear Capes, They Drive Tellurides

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The 60-second advertisement centers around a dad who will do about anything to retrieve his baby's binky.

Kia America has launched its 2023 Super Bowl commercial, featuring the recently-refreshed Telluride X-Pro.

The action-packed commercial tells the story of a hero dad who will go to great lengths to keep his baby happy. It opens with a young couple arriving at a holiday spot. As the baby gets antsy, the mom rifles through her bag and discovers the worst - the binky is missing.

Now it's up to dad to race home and grab the soothing binky but, thankfully, he can rely on his trustworthy Telluride. A bystander captures the event and posts it online with the hashtag "#binkydad." Pretty soon, he becomes an internet sensation, and millions are invested in his time-sensitive adventure.


"Binky Dad is a very relatable story, one of a regular guy willing to go to any length to keep his family happy," said Kia America's Russell Wager. "But even heroes need a helping hand once in a while, and that is where the new 2023 Kia Telluride comes in."

Advertising agency David&Goliath is the creative genius behind the 60-second commercial. Set to "Gonna Fly Now" - the iconic theme from Rocky - it tells a story of tenacity and going the extra mile for family, all through the unique lens of trending on social media. While our hero dad manages to get the binky, he arrives back at the ski resort with the incorrect binky, resulting in a rather pouty baby.

Rather fittingly, Kia will release three alternative endings exclusively on TikTok, marking the first time a Kia Super Bowl commercial won't end at the big game.

Kia America/YouTube
Kia America/YouTube

"Kia is always looking for something new and engaging with our Super Bowl initiatives and we wanted to extend the spot beyond just the 60 seconds of airtime during the game to keep the story of Binky Dad and his Telluride alive and exciting," added Wager.

The advert underscores just what a great family car the Telluride is and, frankly, we agree. CarBuzz has sung the praises of Kia's biggest SUV repeatedly. It remains one of our favorites, and the recent facelift made it even better. However, a new posse of rivals poses a serious threat to its success. Toyota recently revealed the all-new Grand Highlander and Mazda wants to topple the Telluride with its new CX-90.

The Telluride won't go down without a fight, though; customers will continue to flock to the rugged styling and value for money.

Kia America/YouTube
Kia America/YouTube

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