Kicherer 200mph Mercedes-Benz SLS SuperSport Roadster

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0-62mph in 3.5 seconds, a top speed hitting 200mph. Possibly the greatest Roadster ever?

Kicherer has just released the first aftermarket program for the Mercedes-Benz SLS Roadster. The program looks a bit familiar ie. their program for the SuperSport GT SLS, though sans Asian model this time. One striking similarity is the huge open mouth grille. A new carbon fiber front spoiler and rear diffuser add to the aerodynamic tone that Kicherer has set in their new Benz. The SLS Roadster also packs some serious power, putting out 650hp and over 516lb-ft of torque.

Sitting on a set of 20-inch RS-1 wheels, the Mercedes' performance is nothing to scoff at either, hitting 62mph from rest in a slight 3.5 seconds. The aerodynamic tweaks and power boost allow the open-top tuned car to just hit a blistering 200mph. An adjustable suspension and stainless-steel exhaust system help everyone around you hear how awesome your great looking new Mercedes-Benz is. No pricing information has been released yet for Kicherer's latest creation.

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