Kicherer's 550hp Merc C63 T Supersport Wagon

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Kicherer's latest creation should allow you to leave the house 5 minutes before your kids soccer practice starts and still get there on time.

Kicherer has released the first photos of their new superwagon, the Mercedes-Benz C63 T Supersport. Loaded up with 550hp, this is one wagon we wouldn't mind dropping our kids off at soccer practice in. The German tuners' aftermarket program consists of a sports air filter along with a stainless-steel sports exhaust with flap control. A stainless-steel manifold also helps the Mercedes-Benz wagon produce more power.

Sitting on a set of 20-inch Kicherer RS-1 forged wheels, the car can jump from 0-62mph in only 4.2 seconds and reach a top speed of 200mph. Performance is helped out by the German co.'s aerodynamics kit that includes a front spoiler with carbon flaps, a side sill with carbon enlargement and carbon tail diffuser, front grille and mirror shells. High-performance composite brakes were also added to help control this powerful kids-mover. No pricing information has been released yet for Kicherer's Merc C63 T Supersport. An optional leather interior this wagon has all the potential to go fast and pick up soccer moms at the same time.

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