Kickin' Kia Concepts

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Kia is on a roll these days as they've suddenly become a design powerhouse.

Kia Motors has all but officially confirmed that their GT concept will go into production in 2013. This awesome news (who doesn't love a 390 horsepower V8) has to make you wonder what other Kia concepts will go from concept to reality. And as their design department becomes increasingly confident with their abilities, we expect to see plenty more of these dramatic concepts. Now you can satisfy that need for knowledge by clicking through all of these killer Kia concepts.

The Kia POP is an electric micro-car that is almost too cute for its own good. The POP measures in at 118 inches; 12 inches longer than a Smart ForTwo and is powered by electricity. The POP has purple accents throughout its interior and exterior and features a unique seating arrangement consisting of a bench seat in the front and a single seat in the back.


Kia's KV7 concept is a little more practical than the ultra-small and too-cute POP. The KV7 features butterfly doors, rear seats that swivel a full 360 degrees and what looks to be faux hardwood flooring. The KV7 has a 2.0-liter GDI turbocharged engine capable of pumping out a respectable 285 horsepower.

There's a decent chance that the Kia Naimo could go from concept to reality sometime soon. The Naimo (Neh-mo) is a five-door four-seater designed for urban youth. The Naimo's electric engine can hit 93 mph and has a range of 125 miles. The battery can be recharged to 80 percent power in as little as 25 minutes using a 50 kilowatt quick charger.

The Kia GT is hands-down the most awesome concept car the Korean automaker has made or will ever make. The GT is a monstrous sedan with an even beastlier engine. The GT's 3.3-liter 390hp turbocharged V6 is attached to an eight-speed automatic transmission. The GT is designed as a cost-effective alternative to the uber-powerful yet uber-expensive luxury sedans offered by automakers such as BMW and Audi.

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