Kid Lights V8 Miata, Self on Fire

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It's cool to do work on your own car, less so to light said car along with yourself and your garage on fire in the process.

We're all in favor of those who choose to work on their own cars instead of hiring a mechanic to do the job. Especially when it comes to performing serious upgrades. But it's also equally important to know what you're doing. For this young fella who's installing a V8 engine into a tiny Mazda MX-5 Miata (a particularly wonderful combination), his mechanical skills are not in line with common sense. Attempting to fire up the engine, he apparently fails to take note of a leaky fuel line somewhere in the engine bay.

Fire soon breaks out and in the confusion he somehow managed to spill gasoline on to the garage floor, but not before he attempted to put out the engine flames by simply blowing on them. Simply genius.

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