Kids Imagine What Cars Of The Future Will Look Like

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These ideas are more interesting than concept cars from real automakers.

Starting in 2040, the UK is set to ban all gas and diesel vehicles in an attempt to lower nitrogen oxide levels in the air. This will drastically change the automotive landscape. No one really knows what the future holds for the automobile. Many people are looking forward to cars that drive themselves, while others hope flying cars will feature in the future. While the automotive industry controls how these trends will progress, Rimstyle thought that it would be fun to see how children imagined the cars of the future.


Pablo Picasso once said that "Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up." We certainly agree with this statement because these drawings are far more interesting than the endless series of boring crossovers that continue to be revealed by major automakers. The first drawing is from Lina, age 11. She said that her car "Has wings so it can fly. Strawberry smell smoke which makes music. It's got heart shaped windows. Has a spider web shooter. Has vegetable and fruit wheels so very eco-friendly." Some rendering artist then took Linda's designed and helped bring it to life.

The next drawing comes from Liam, age nine, who put a propeller on the side of his drawing. Izzy, age five, designed a car that companies like Volvo are aiming for. She said that "This is a car that can transform to a boat if necessary. It doesn't need a seatbelt because it never crashes." Ben, age nine, created a car that eliminates the commute all together. "This car teleports so dad doesn't complain about the traffic on his way to work" he said. He would love to see some of these ideas on real-life cars. There were also some fun ideas such as Harry, age seven, who designed a car that splits out candy instead of exhaust fumes and Hannah, age four, who created a car that is shaped like a banana.

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