Kids Take a Joyride in a Ferrari F430

Who are the luckiest kids in the world? The ones in this video. And who are the most irresponsible parents? Probably the ones filming it.

When we were kids, we would have given up our desserts AND computer time for, like, at least a month for the chance to drive an actual Ferrari. But that’s just what these little kids in India got to do in this video. Shot on the streets of Shoba City in the southwestern Indian state of Kerala, you can clearly see these two young boys are having the time of their lives – and not wearing seatbelts (the better to reach the pedals) despite the obvious danger of letting a child drive any car, let alone one as fast as a Ferrari F430.

Despite the stripes, you can tell from the mirrors and vents this is not a Scuderia, but still. Wildly irresponsible? Yes. The luckiest kids in the world? Also yes. (And I thought I was made when my uncle took 8-year-old me for a ride in his 308 GTS.)

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