Kids Wind Up Dad Trying to Fix Lexus by Repeatedly Electrocuting Him

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Loving children find it hilarious to electrocute their dad as he tries to get the car to start.

There is something eerily sinister about this video in which a mild-mannered British father attempting to fix his first-gen Lexus IS is subjected to humiliation by his adoring teenage children.

As Emma sits in the backseat capturing the episode on film, the boy in the driver's seat is tasked with turning the ignition key. "But only when I say go," says Dad, who hopes that wiggling one of the HT leads will be enough to get the car to start. Of course there's nothing funnier for a kid than seeing their dad suffering, so a premature turn of the key results in Dad wheeling away in pain having received an electric shock from the high voltage cable. Accidents happen, so Dad chalking that down to a genuine mistake is fair game. However clearly this is no accident. At the next opportunity the son sends yet another bolt of electricity to Dad who lets out a yelp of pain.

Hilarious for the kids, humiliating for the patient pater, whose reaction is to give no more than a verbal scolding. Continuing their antics with no fear of reprieve, Dad is given one further shock causing him to smack his head on the hood. The way he manages to keep his cool after that is worthy of an award. Clouting the cheeky boy around the ear would have been most parents' reaction. Instead he simply shouts, removes the key and turns the key himself. Surely something he should have done in the first place.

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