Killer Cardboard Cars

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Just don't expect them to come with any sort of modern safety features.

Chances are that when you think cars, you don't think cardboard. That's logical as cardboard makes a perfectly fine material to ship packages in, but a lousy one to build cars with. Driving around in a cardboard car would be ridiculously unsafe, but there's no harm in checking out all of these killer cardboard cars. Just don't get tempted to try and build your own car out of cardboard. The rain alone would destroy it, not to mention any sort of impact with anything from another car to a mailbox.

"Papercraft ninjas" is perhaps the best way to describe the people behind the cardboard NSX. The folks over at Epson (the printer company) created this 1:1 replica using their giant printers and a load of patience. The end result is a thing of beauty, even if it is slower than an Odyssey.

This Puma F1 car is made out of, you guessed it, Puma shoeboxes. Artist Ben Wilson hand crafted this boxy racer to help promote Puma's line of F1 apparel. Art cars are always better when they're done in cardboard.

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The 2012 Mother of the Year award may have already been won by the Japanese mommy who built the cardboard 2012 Red Bull Formula 1. The award-winning mom spent a month painstakingly recreating every detail of the RB8. The excitement of her son says it all.

If James Bond ever decided to go green and retro, he'd probably drive Chris Gilmour's cardboard Aston Martin DB5. Gilmour's amazing work is an exact replica of Bond's ride, and even features cardboard machine guns and other gadgets.

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