Killer Patriotic Cars

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Think you're proud of your country? Then check out these patriotic cars.

Why wave a flag when you can deck your car out with a patriotic wrap or paint job? Anyone can launch fireworks on the 4th of July or have an American flag painted on their face during a Memorial Day parade, but it takes a true patriot to turn their car into a rolling tribute to their country. Waving a flag is nice, but I would rather speed down the highway going 100 mph in a blur of red, white and blue. After checking out these patriotic paint jobs and wraps I think you'll find yourself dissatisfied with both your car's current look and your love for your country.

What could be more British than a Lotus Exige S completely covered in a Union Jack auto wrap? The answer is nothing. This unique Lotus was profiled on the Discovery Channel series How Do They Do It? The wrap took four technicians a total of 10 hours to complete and the car was briefly toured around England's Lotus dealerships.

With all due respect to the Queen, the Lotus Exige S Union Jack has nothing on the "Fallen Heroes" Camaro. This one-of-a-kind car was created to honor the fallen soldiers of the United States. The wrap on the car features the logo of the famed 82nd Airborne unit in addition to the stars and stripes and a soaring bald eagle.

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There is perhaps no greater way to show your love for a car company than by decking out your ride in the colors of the company's country. One Swedish owner of a Ferrari Italia 458 has done just that, giving his supercar a sweet wrap designed to mimic the Italian flag.

The Camaro may be the most patriotic car ever created if this list is any indicator. GM teamed with Mickey Harris of Mountain Muscle Cars in Cosby, Tennessee, to create a car awash in all-American glory. This airbrushing took 350 hours to complete and is filled with images of soldiers in combat and famous presidents.

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