Kim Kardashian Covers Her Lamborghini In Underwear

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Seems like a sensible move.

With exotic vehicle sales skyrocketing, more people than ever are taking home expensive models like the $218,000 2021 Lamborghini Urus. American TV personality Kim Kardashian is one such individual, and her Urus is unlike any other we've ever seen. While most tuning companies equip the Urus with more carbon fiber or a widebody kit, Kardashian had her SUV wrapped in underwear. Yep, you heard that correctly.

The one-of-a-kind Lamborghini promotes Kardashian's new clothing brand Skims, which launches on June 14, 2021. "KIMMY HAD A LITTLE LAMB-BO!!! OMG isn't this the cutest and funniest thing ever??? A new Lambo with everything Skims cozy fabric," she said on her Instagram page.
Kim Kardashian / Instagram
Kim Kardashian / Instagram
Kim Kardashian / Instagram

Aside from crucial elements such as the headlights, taillights, windows, and exhaust, it looks like every inch of this Urus is covered in Kardashian's new Skims cozy material. Taking a peek inside, even the interior is finished from top-to-bottom in the cushy underwear. We'll admit, that cabin looks like the perfect place to take a long nap, but we wouldn't want to be the ones to clean it. As for the exterior, Kardashian is lucky she lives in California, where it seldom rains because we can only imagine how dirty that material would get driving around during a torrential downpour.

Kim Kardashian / Instagram
Kim Kardashian / Instagram
Kim Kardashian / Instagram

Some people might say Kardashian has completely ruined her Urus, and as a vehicle, we'd tend to agree. The Urus is among the fastest SUVs in the world, with its 641 horsepower twin-turbo V8 enabling a 190 mph top speed. With this wrap, we'd be scared (and possibly embarrassed) to drive it at all. However, as a marketing exercise, Kardashian has clearly succeeded here. This Urus will get people talking and promote her new clothing line. For the cost of one Lamborghini, materials, and labor, that's a small price to pay.

2019-2021 Lamborghini Urus Front View Driving Lamborghini
2019-2021 Lamborghini Urus Dashboard Lamborghini

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