Kiska APG-1 Is A Lancia Stratos-Inspired Mid-Engined Sports Car With RS3 Power

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This is what Lancia should be working on.

Kiska, which calls itself a speculative car brand, has unveiled the final styling of its APG-1 - a mid-engined sports car inspired by the Lancia Stratos.

You might not have heard of Kiska or the APG-1 before, but it has close ties to the KTM X-Bow GTX racer, as Kiska is the company responsible for the X-Bow's design. The X-Bow GTX is powered by an Audi RS3-sourced 2.5-liter turbocharged five-pot that produces roughly 600 horsepower and weighs just 2,200 pounds. KTM also produces the road-legal version with the power turned down to 493 hp and 429 lb-ft of torque. That's the basis of the APG-1.

With the underpinning sorted, Kiska needed a body and gave its design team a single instruction; "let 'er rip." The APG-1 was spied earlier this year, and the final design is almost exactly what we saw back then. Kiska just painted over the naked carbon fiber and added some finishing touches.

Kiska Design Kiska Design Kiska Design Kiska Design

"We wanted to recall the essence of a sports car with pure expression. APG-1 celebrates the thrill of the drive," said Alan Derosier, lead transportation designer. They ended up with the perfect car for Kiska's Alpine Playground, which is where the APG-1 name is derived from.

Kiska is mainly known for its design. Like Bertone and Pininfarina, it designs stuff and lets the client take the glory. Its customers obviously include KTM and also Husqvarna, Audi, Bosch, Bajaj, and Sunbeam Yachts.

According to Kiska, the next step is finding a coachbuilding network to make the car. Kiska is following the same high-end car production philosophy as Automobili Pininfarina, which also made the leap from car designer to car builder. Bertone claims it will also be building a car shortly, but apart from a mysterious powertrain claimed to produce 1,100 hp, we don't know much about it.

Kiska Design Kiska Design Kiska Design Kiska Design

Kiska states that APG-1 is not for everyone. It's a severely compromised car, built to work in a specific setting. That's where the Alpine Playground comes in. Kiska's headquarters is situated in Salzburg, which gives it access to some of the most fantastic driving roads on planet earth. It produced a video five years ago showing where its inspiration comes from; you can see it above.

The main idea of the APG-1 is to bring the Alpine Playground to the rest of the world. That means it won't necessarily be a track-ready racer if it makes it to production, but rather something that comes alive on a twisty road.

The overall design looks like a modernized Lancia Stratos, but that's okay. Our favorite bit is the exposed pushrod suspension at the front and the unique take on pop-up headlights.

Also, it's not like Lancia is doing anything particularly great with its own name these days.

Kiska Design Kiska Design Kiska Design Kiska Design Kiska Design Kiska Design

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