Kleeman Mercedes SL55 AMG Is One Crazy Cabrio

Wild body kit, chrome wrap and retuned engine make this an “absolute monster.”

Calgary's ZR Auto have a newly wrapped chrome/shimmer black Kleeman-tuned Mercedes SL55 AMG that owner Zahir Rana says "will make you shit you pants, trust me!” The two-tone wrap covers a FAB Design body kit, while under the hood a full engine overhaul boasts a Kleeman supercharger, modified ECU tuning program, Kleeman throttle body, sports cats, headers and high-flow twin exhaust.

The result is an absolute monster” with output of 640 hp and 616 lb-ft of torque. When tested on the dyno, top speed was over 193 mph and 0-62 mph came in at four seconds flat. Other exterior mods include custom FAB Design alloys, a sports wing and lowered suspension.

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