Koengisegg Takes Us To School On Weighing Cars

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This might be the one class to actually pay attention in.

Koenigsegg has decided to imbue us car folk with some rather useful information. The article on the automaker's blog titled "Apples, Oranges, Weights and Measures" teaches how exactly cars are measured, delving into who and what governs the measurements that certify exactly what a car should weigh and how it is weighed. If it seems complex, that's because it is. Given Koenigsegg's track record of megawatt powered cars they'd be the ones to learn it from.


The post discusses curb weight vs. dry weigh from an automaker's point of view, as in how manufacturers calculate it. It's much more complex than just fluids and no fluids. Information is also provided on how power-to-weight and power-to-weight-weight ratios are calculated. Bet you didn't know PWW was a thing! In essence, Koenigsegg is flexing. They are proving to the world that yes, regardless of what "official" numbers may say, the One:1 is in fact the fastest production car on the planet. You can bet then that come Geneva, Koenigsegg is sure to drop some serious engineering might and upset the established order of the hypercar. Or in its case, the megacar.

Source Credits: koenigsegg.com

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