Koenigsegg Aims to Destroy Nurburgring Lap Record with Agera R and One: 1 Hypercars

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Expect a time in the 6:30s.

The fabled Nurburgring lap record is something automakers relentlessly pursue. Porsche was proud to reveal its 6:57 lap time last year with the 918 Spyder, while McLaren claimed the P1 clocked a sub-seven-minute lap time but kept the exact time a secret. Ferrari doesn't bother with such trivialities, but Koenigsegg is up for the challenge and has every confidence the One: 1 will take "a very significant chunk" out of the 918's time.

We saw the results of the Swedish carmaker pushing the boundaries at the Nurburgring earlier this year. Company founder Christian von Koenigsegg told Car & Driver that "When we look at the sector times, we're already on course for a record. I hate the need to do it, but this is one of the ways you prove yourself in this part of the market." So in 2015, he will attempt to set the record in an Agera R and then in the One: 1. The latter car, with its 1,341-hp twin-turbo V8 and top speed in excess of 250 mph, will have no trouble beating Porsche's time. In fact, Koenigsegg expects a time "in the 6:30s". Any doubters will also be welcome to come and check out the car as Christian von K wants there to be no doubts that his is the fastest on the planet.

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