Koenigsegg And Polestar Working On The Ultimate Tesla-Killer

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Could we be seeing a collaboration?

The 2021 Koenigsegg Gemera is the brand's first four-seater car but don't for a minute think that the Swedish hypercar marker has gone soft. The Gemera still produces 1,727 horsepower and 2,581 lb-ft from a three-cylinder engine combined with three electric motors. While the so-called "Mega-GT" was just unveiled along with the Jesko Absolut, it is now teasing something new.

The Swedish company took to Instagram to show the Gemera sitting across from what appears to be the Polstar Precept Concept. The caption on the teaser doesn't give much detail but reads, "Something exciting coming soon. Stay tuned. #KoenigseggXPolestar"

UPDATE: Polestar has confirmed to CarBuzz that the two cars were filmed together for a promotional video that will be released on June 25.

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Like the Gemera, the Polestar Precept would have made its debut in Geneva. This latest concept from Polestar features a fastback styling with suicide rear doors and futuristic design. No powertrain information was given on the car but since Polestar is meant to be an electric performance brand, we assume the production Precept will feature powerful electric motors.

The Precept Concept still has not been greenlit for production and Polestar says that its next model, called the Polestar 3, will be an SUV, not a sedan. This could be where Koenigsegg comes into the picture. The fellow Swedish brand has reportedly been pondering an "entry-level model" and perhaps the Polestar Precept is pretty enough to fit the bill, though it remains to be seen if this new car will wear a Polestar badge or a Koenigsegg crest.

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We aren't sure how the Gemera and Precept are related besides both being created by Swedish automakers but perhaps Koenigsegg and Polestar are planning to announce some form of partnership. We would love to see the Polestar Precept reach production with a detuned version of the Gemera's drivetrain, perhaps without the three-cylinder motor. Even without the engine, the Gemera's three electric motors provide 1,100 hp, which is enough to get it up to 186 mph. We will eagerly be awaiting an announcement from Koenigsegg and have reached out to Polestar for more information.


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