Koenigsegg And Qoros To Showcase Electric Supercar Concept In Shanghai

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A supercar EV concept from Koenigsegg and Qoros capable of 0-62 mph in three seconds will be shown this month.

Last year, Chinese automaker Qoros revealed a revolutionary camless engine it developed with Sweedish hypercar maker Koenigsegg's company FreeValve AB. According to Car News China, both companies are collaborating once again to showcase a new electric supercar concept at the forthcoming Shanghai Auto Show later this month to rival the likes of the record-setting NIO EP9. Shown in teaser images before its reveal at the show, Car News China reports that the mystery EV is currently known as the rather imaginatively titled "Super EV."

It will also be branded by Qoros, though other sources claim that the Super EV is being referred to as '9 Qlectriq.' The official name will be announced at the Shanghai Auto show. Images show that the Super EV will take the form of a fastback with four doors and four seats underpinned by a carbon fiber monocoque, sporting a coupe-style shape with a short overhang. Specific details about its all-electric powertrain are unknown for now, but it's claimed that the Super EV will speed from 0 to 62 mph in a blistering three seconds to keep Tesla at bay and will have an impressive range of 500 kilometers (around 310 miles).

While Qoros doesn't currently manufacture any electric cars, it also revealed the Q-Lectriq concept sedan with a 217 mile range at last year's Guangzhou show as well as the camless engine developed in collaboration with Koenigsegg. Koenigsegg has expressed interest in entering the EV market at some stage, but whether the Qoros-badged Super EV concept will morph into a production car remains to be seen.


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