Koenigsegg Buys a Tesla Model S; Says No Better Car for the Money

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Hypercar maker is an EV lover.

18 months is a long time to wait for a car. But that didn't deter Koenigsegg founder Christian von Koenigsegg from putting down an order for a Tesla Model S, which the Swedish hypercar builder took delivery of last October. Speaking at an electric car conference in Helsinborg, Sweden, Koenigsegg said that there is no better car than the Model S in its price range, claiming it to be the best sports sedan on the market with better acceleration and handling than the BMW M5 while also being more fun to drive.

For a guy who has made a mark for creating the most power dense internal combustion engine in the world, the way he speaks about EVs is a revelation. By 2020, he is convinced 80 percent of all cars sold will be electric cars. When he wanted to take over SAAB, his aim was to build and develop electric cars something current owner NEVS is also planning. Just as digital watches have become mainstream and analog timepieces expensive works of art and useable investments, he believes driving EVs will soon be the norm leaving carmakers such as Koenigsegg to accommodate well-healed purists.

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Source Credits: teslaclubsweden.se

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