Koenigsegg CCR Revo Makes A Pilgrimage Back To The Factory


Road trips are always fun, but road trips in Koenigseggs are even better.

Loyal CarBuzz readers, as well as quite a few other enthusiasts out there, are already familiar with Shmee150, and the YouTube channel’s excellent supercar content. Well, thanks to that notoriety, that’s exactly who was asked by Koenigsegg to bring a 2004 CCR Revo from SuperVettura, a UK dealership, back to the factory in Sweden for some work that it needed doing. Tim was given only one day’s notice before he had to make the trip, but you don’t say no to something like this.

The car has already had some work done, including such extensive modifications as being completely re-bodied in carbon fiber.

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Part 2 shows more of the trip, including the inevitable dropping off of the car. But it also shows a stop off in Denmark to surprise a Koenigsegg fan there for his birthday.