Koenigsegg CCX Crashes into the Crowd

A Koenigsegg CCX driver loses control and crashes into a crowd of bystanders.

Car accidents are sadly regular occurrences and some are more brutal than others. But this recent one involving a Koenigsegg CCX is particularly painful to see as the car itself was totaled and, more importantly, bystanders were injured. The incident took place at the Gran Turismo Polonia, a rally race for exotic cars that starts in Poland and goes throughout Europe. A total of 19 bystanders were injured when the CCX lost control shortly after leaving the start line.

It spun out of control due to accelerating too fast and the hit the curb. Witnesses claim the CCX driver, who was not intoxicated, tried to impress the crowd by accelerating really hard from the start. Those injured had no chance to move out of the way because the car was moving too fast.

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