Koenigsegg Concept Is A 700-HP McLaren Fighter

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This unofficial rendering got the support of CVK himself.

Last month, Koenigsegg lifted the wraps off two extraordinary hypercars: the four-seater Gemera "Mega GT" and the 300 mph+ Jesko Absolut. Rumors have suggested Koenigsegg is also plotting a new entry-level model - and this is what it could look like. What you're looking at here is a design study created by created by artist Esa Mustonen as a graduation thesis for Koenigsegg's RAW Design House division. It even has the seal of approval from Christian von Koenigsegg himself.

The concept design was created under the supervision and support of Koenigsegg and the company's Head of Design, Sasha Selipanov. Shared on the division's Instagram page, the concept car represents an "exciting vision of what a light weight entry-level hypercar of the future could look like" under an imagined 'RAW by Koenigsegg' sub-brand" and utilizes the Swedish firm's cutting-edge technology.

Esa Mustonen via Instagram
Esa Mustonen via Instagram

Like the McLaren F1 and McLaren Speedtail, the hypercar concept incorporates a three-seater layout inside. Occupants are cocooned inside a carbon fiber occupant cell. Mounted behind them is the same innovative three-cylinder Freevalve TFG engine that powers the Koenigsegg Gemera.

Combined with three electric motors, this setup produces 1,727 horsepower and 2,581 lb-ft of torque in the Gemera, but the concept has been envisioned with 700 horsepower. Weighing only 1,543 pounds, the concept offers "a new interpretation for the 1:1 power to weight ratio".

Esa Mustonen via Instagram
Esa Mustonen via Instagram

A flow-through architecture and a striking articulated rear diffuser inspired by a jet fighter afterburner contribute to the car's advanced aerodynamics. Signature Koenigsegg design elements include a wraparound windshield and dramatic scissor doors, but the futuristic front and rear fascias look unlike anything Koenigsegg has ever made.

If the concept entered production, the entry-level hypercar is designed to be used in both the real and virtual world, allowing the user to experience its performance and adjust its setup in real life or digitally using existing racing simulators. We wouldn't complain if Koenigsegg's looks like this.

Esa Mustonen via Instagram
Esa Mustonen via Instagram
Esa Mustonen via Instagram

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