Koenigsegg Considering Mad-Max Style Offroad Hypercar

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Yes, please!

Earlier in the year, Koenigsegg unleased the first four-seater hypercar the world has ever known: the Koenigsegg Gemera. Seating for four in what is supposed to be a no-compromise, no-expense-spared road missile is an unusual feature, and it's enough that it got some wondering whether Koenigsegg might not consider one day turning its immense performance engineering prowess on the utility vehicle segment.

The answer to that question is the same today as it was back in March - and stretching all the way back to 2016: no. In an interview with Misha Charoudin recently, Koenigsegg founder Christian Von Koenigsegg reiterated once again his opposition to the idea of a Koenigsegg-branded crossover or SUV, no matter how many customers might be on-board.

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In the interview, Christian von Koenigsegg called sporty utility vehicles "an oxymoron," explaining: "you create something that should behave badly [from a driving dynamics standpoint] and then you try to fix it... I've never been enticed by that."

What makes crossovers such a compromise from a performance perspective? Christian von Koenigsegg cited poor aerodynamics, a high center-of-gravity, and "usually... these big, heavy wheels and tires that shake the whole car." Tell us how you really feel, Christian.

So, utility vehicles are out. Will Koenigsegg ever build anything of interest to fans who want to take the brand's superb engineering and hypercar performance off-road? It's a possibility.

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As an example of something the company might take a look at, Christian von Koenigsegg offered a "Paris-Dakar"-style version of the Gemera.

"That's not an SUV, you know, but like [a] really hardcore 'Mad Max' off-roading kind of thing with super performance... that you can also drive on the road if you happen to, but you should be out on the dunes with it."

There's a real dearth of hardcore off-road supercars in the world today, let alone ones that might even be categorized as "hypercars". But Koenigsegg is no stranger to attempting things that few other companies have ever tried before.

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