Koenigsegg Debuts Cam-Free Engine Making 47 Percent More Horsepower


Because Koenigseggs have always been known for not making enough power.

For those who don't ever tire of cars there is good news: auto show season is back in full swing. We just saw and lusted over the LA Auto Show's hottest debuts, but there is another show going on in China right now that is getting much less coverage by the US media. That would be the Guangzhou Auto Show of course. It's a damn shamed too because China is the world's largest auto market, so it's safe to believe that automakers bring top-tier talent to the show. Hey, even Christian von Koenigsegg was in attendance. We wonder what he brought with him...


Unfortunately the founder of the Swedish hypercar maker wasn't there to show off his latest million-dollar speed demon. He was because his partner, Chinese automaker Qoros, was showing off a new engine it developed with Koenigsegg's company Freevalve. As its name implies, Freevalve is dedicated to eliminating the camshaft and replacing it with pneumatic-hydraulic-electric actuators that lift each valve individually. Essentially, it turns the valve system into a computer-controlled device instead of one driven by a mechanical system, much like drive by wire. The benefits of the system include eliminating engine load, which helps attain higher MPG numbers and frees up more horsepower for psychedelic, out-of-this-world launches.

Koenigsegg's quest should come as no surprise to anyone given that his latest hypercar, the Regera, has done away with the transmission altogether. The Freevalve technology will likely debut under the QamFree moniker in Qoros' 1.6-liter four-banger where it will help the engine make 230 horsepower and 236 lb-ft of torque. That's 47% more horsepower and 45% more torque than the engine would make with a camshaft, with the added benefit of an extra 15% of mileage. It's a small wonder that other automakers haven't followed the same route given that the system costs less to produce, helps save weight and even makes the engine more compact. Koenigsegg, just keep doing what you're doing.


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