Koenigsegg Discusses Future Engine Tech

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Engines will be cheaper, smaller, lighter more capable, fuel efficient and cleaner. Koenigsegg explains why.

In episode seven of Drive's "Inside Koenigsegg" series, company founder Christian Von Koenigsegg shares his vision of the future internal combustion engine. While variable valve timing has helped improve the camshaft's performance, Koenigsegg believes he has a more elegant solution that will revolutionize engines. Built with Swedish firm Cargine Engineering, the Free Valve system eliminates the need for a camshaft altogether and the result is a smaller, lighter engine.

The Cargine Free Valve system has been working in a modified Saab 9-5 for the past two years and results show it can produce 30 percent more power and better fuel economy, while emissions reduce by 50 percent. Koenigsegg expects one of his supercars to be the first production car to adopt the Cargine system.

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