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Koenigsegg Doesn't Need New Cars To Steal The Spotlight At Geneva

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Two Regeras and a new Agera RS will always draw a crowd.

When we learned last week that Koenigsegg was bringing three cars to Geneva, including the first two customer-built Regeras, we got excited. The Swedish automaker's stand was one of the first we visited once the show officially kicked off. We're glad we moved Koenigsegg to the top of the list because the Agera RS Gryphon and the two Regeras it brought to the show were simply stunning in the metal. Christian Von Koenigsegg has managed to snatch the spotlight with a trio of hypercars once again.

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Before we saw these three cars in the metal we said the green Regera was our favorite of the bunch. That is still true, but just slightly. It was the only car at the Koenigsegg stand to have its hood up, revealing the gorgeous twin-turbo 5.0-liter V8 engine underneath. The Saddle Brown leather looks just as spectacular up close as it did in the press images. However…that candy apple red Regera with the exposed carbon fiber is something else under the lights, especially with its top off. (The Regera can hit its top speed of 250 mph in this configuration.) The two customer cars attracted a ton of our attention, but don't think we didn't spend plenty of time ogling the Agera RS Gryphon.

The 24-karat gold on the exterior, especially the exhaust port, gives this supercar a luxurious look that mixes well with its "subtle" (by Koenigsegg standards) clear carbon finish. Check out our live shots and let us know which of these three cars looks the best. We asked this question before but know that in-the-metal photos can change people's minds.