Koenigsegg Gemera's Seats Prove That The Company Thinks Of Everything

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These seats are truly innovative.

The Koenigsegg Gemera has just made its US debut alongside the Jesko Absolut, and the four-seater is still just as gorgeous and spectacular as it was when we first laid eyes on it. To some, it may be just another symbol of excess, but to those that have had a chance to get to know how Koenigsegg builds its cars, the Gemera is yet another innovative marvel of design and engineering. Earlier this year, we got an inside look at some of the Gemera's finer details, but it's impossible to cover everything that a megacar like this boasts. In fact, it's going to take this whole article just to understand why the seats have been designed as they have.

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Interior Rundown Koenigsegg
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The Gemera employs the use of specially-designed seats invented by company founder Christian von Koenigsegg and adapted for use herein by designer Sasha Selipanov. They feature a memory foam that, in this car, is segmented into multiple small panels. Their shape, material, and individual pockets are all designed to reduce fatigue on both long and short trips.

"The idea is that the segments are basically as small as they can be to be comfortable, but spaced out so air can travel between them," says Selipanov to The Drive. "So you never feel fatigued from sitting inside the car. You don't feel like your back's getting sweaty and you're enjoying the performance of the vehicle."

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It may seem ridiculous to focus on such a small aspect of the driving experience when the design is to be employed on a car that will likely be preserved more than driven (just 300 of these collector cars will be built). However, Koenigsegg's implementation of a design that reduces fatigue and improves comfort shows that these cars are genuinely built to be driven and enjoyed, and they're yet another feather in Koenigsegg's overflowing cap of technological achievements and accomplishments. And just as Koenigsegg's Freevalve technology can be adapted to work in a regular car that all of us can afford, so this seat design may enhance the experience we have when driving regular commuter cars in the future.

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Source Credits: The Drive

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