Koenigsegg Gives Agera R a Million-Dollar Feel

How do you make a cabin worthy of a million-dollar price tag? Koenigsegg reveals all.

In the fourth installment of Drive's exclusive inside look at Swedish supercar builder Koenigsegg, company founder Christian Von Koenigsegg reveals some of the processes involved in giving the Agera R's interior its million-dollar feel. Every surface in the "unique and functional" cabin is made from leather, carbon-fiber or metal - plastic has been outlawed - while the aluminum buttons feature "ghost lighting." Both driver and passenger literally sit in the lap of luxury.

The steering wheel is made out of a single piece of carbon fiber which, along with things like the spring-steel mechanism that sits behind the buttons, and the wheel-mounted paddle shifters, are designed and made in-house. The visionary Swede's legendary attention to detail and pursuit of perfection has never been more evident than in this video.

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