Koenigsegg Hundra Rolls into Geneva

One-off model is the one-hundredth Koenigsegg to roll off the supercar-maker's assembly line.

It’s takenten years for Koenigsegg to make one hundred cars. To celebrate reaching that milestone, the Swedish carmaker created a one-off Agera S dubbed the "Hundra" (Swedish for 100), completed in time for the 2013 Geneva MotorShow. The uniquemodel is based on the Agera S, packing a 5.0-liter twin-turbo V8with 1,040 horsepower, as well as its full carbon-fiber bodywork, varnished to leave the weave exposed, and awesomecarbon-fiber wheels.

What keeps it apart from stock supercar is the use of artisan hand-laid and swirled 24-carat gold leaf on the exposed gel-coated carbon body. The precious metal also features on the exhaust, rear deck struts and coil springs. An anonymous buyer paid $1.6 million for the one-off Agera, but if you want a slice of the historic action Koenigsegg has created a limited edition commemorative book called “0 to 100 in 10 Years” and a limited series of ten pictures signed by Christian von Koenigsegg, available upon request.

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