Koenigsegg Is Bringing 3 Incredible Supercars To The Geneva Motor Show

2016 Geneva Motor Show / 25 Comments

A special edition, final edition and world premier. Sound good?

Koenigsegg is sending the Agera off with a bang. With us since 2011, the Agera has been a lustful howitzer of a car. It has shattered braking and acceleration records and easily wakes the dead with a twin-turbo V8 that easily topples 1,000 horsepower. The Agera is Ragnarok in car form. It and its many subsequent editions, including the 1,341-horsepower One:1, are the maddest of mad. For that we are thankful. With Geneva right around the corner the final Agera will be revealed. Koenigsegg will also reveal the production Regera and a new Agera RS.


That's right, three cars will be at the automaker's booth. Just the other day Koenigsegg teased what appeared to be an exhaust tip. Perhaps this is a component to the production Regera, or a piece to the final Agera or new Agera RS. Regardless of what car it goes on, 2016 seems like it'll be a big year for the Swedish automaker at the show and in general. We're especially excited to see the production Regera and what, if any major changes, were made between now and last year.

Source Credits: koenigsegg.com

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