Koenigsegg Is Making Carbon Fiber For Tesla

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As expected, it's gorgeous and pricy.

Unplugged Performance (UP) is quickly becoming synonymous with high-performance Teslas. The tuner has built up a good rapport with the EV maker and is an officially authorized service provider for the manufacturer, something that it achieved through constant Tesla modification. The company has previously mounted a minigun to a Tesla, gone around Laguna Seca faster than a Porsche 911 GT2 RS and even humbled the Acura NSX at Pikes Peak.

UP has set its sights even higher though, and now that has borne fruit in the form of a collaboration with none other than Koenigsegg, specifically Koenigsegg Advanced Manufacturing (KAM). As part of the collaboration with the hypercar maker's manufacturing arm, your Tesla can now be upgraded with carbon fiber parts produced in the same way and on the same production line as those on Koenigsegg's megacars.

Unplugged Performance Unplugged Performance Unplugged Performance

This means that these carbon parts are produced using Koenigsegg's proprietary carbon fiber weave, "which is pre-impregnated with epoxy resin, precision computer cut to the geometry of the product, assembled by hand by artisans using specialized tooling, pressurized, and temperature optimized in an autoclave, extracted, precision trimmed, sanded, precision bonded, finished in a UV clear coat and topped with a special collaboration sticker indicating the manufacturing partnership." So what parts are on offer? To begin with, a small selection of carbon fiber spoilers are being offered for the entry-level Model 3, the blisteringly quick Model S, and the practical Model X.

unpluggedperformance/Instagram Unplugged Performance Unplugged Performance

In addition to these, the Model 3 also benefits from a set of carbon fiber fenders, but none of these parts are cheap. The spoilers range in price from $1,745 to $2,495 while the fender set alone will set you back an anxiety-inducing $8,845. We're told that more parts are yet coming, and based on the image provided of the modified Model 3, it seems safe to assume that we'll be getting splitters soon. Of course, the bigger the parts are, the pricier they will be, but that's still better than forking out a few hundred grand for an actual Koenigsegg. And if you don't need Koenigsegg's sexy weave in your carbon, UP offers a load of generic carbon products too.

unpluggedperformance/Instagram unpluggedperformance/Instagram Unplugged Performance Unplugged Performance Unplugged Performance Unplugged Performance

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