Koenigsegg Is Up To Something That You'll Never Be Able To Afford

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Sounds familiar.

Take a look back at every insane hypercar Koenigsegg has ever built. Notice something? All of them – from the CCX to the One:1 are street legal. There's been no such thing as a track-only Koenigsegg, but that may change in the very near future. According to a recent AMA (Ask Me Anything) session, Koenigsegg founder, namesake, and CEO, Christian von Koenigsegg, admitted that he and his team are seriously looking into the possibility of a track-only hypercar.

Interestingly, it won't be based on the One:1 due to it being engineered from the get-go to be a road car. Apparently starting from scratch, or close to it, is the most effective option here. Koenigsegg also shed more light on the rumor of a so-called entry-level model. The likely truth? It won't happen. While not ruling it out entirely, Koenigsegg is sure he can come up with something to compete in the 500 to 700 horsepower market (the One:1 has 1,341 hp), but he still referred to the supercar segment as a "hornet's nest." What may happen, however, is a four-seater. Koenigsegg also believes that his most recent creation, the Regera, and its electric powertrain, as well as EVs in general, have "turned the corner" with that technology.

Source Credits: koenigsegg.com

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