Koenigsegg Owner Locks Keys Inside

Mistakes can happen, but smashing the window of this CCR in order to retrieve the keys was clearly not an option.

It’s a privilege to own something as special and fast as a Koenigsegg. Whether it’s the current Agera R or the older CCR, these Swedish supercars are very rare and cost big-time bucks. But even those wealthy enough to own one can make dumb mistakes, such as locking the keys inside the car. That’s exactly what happened in the case of this CCR owner. And yes, it happens to everyone, but not everyone drives a million-dollar supercar, which is what makes this instance so amusing.

It took a few minutes and some careful skill to slide the keys out through the window with the aid of a metal hanger. Fortunately, it appears this technique normally used for stealing cars didn’t cause any body damage. (Thanks to Chris for the video.)

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