Koenigsegg Puts The Regera Through Brutal Rounds Of Crash Testing

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And the best part is that the same Regera is used for each of these tests.

With all that lightweight fiber replacing more a dense crumply metal chassis and body panels, one would be right to question just how safe the latest generation of supercars really is. Put simply, if there's less mass placed between the occupants and whatever the car is hitting to absorb the force of the impact, the soft fleshy humans inside are bound to get the raw end of the deal in an accident. And after last year's high profile Nurburgring crash that left a Koenigsegg One:1 in pieces, we're curious to see how the material holds up.

Of course, Koenigsegg is only happy to deliver. To celebrate its millionth Instagram follower, Koenigsegg has decided to gift the world with insight into how it manages to make its multimillion-dollar hypercars safe for the billionaires that drive them. Turns out, it's pretty good at it too.

So good, in fact, that the Koenigsegg Regera you see in each clip is the same car. Even though the body panels get decimated by each impact, the carbon fiber monocoque chassis is so strong that it remains intact-needing only a fresh set of body panels before it's ready to undergo another round of hard hits. And what hits too. Not only does this poor Regera get crashed into on all sides, but it's struck with a hammer, has its doors opened and slammed, is subjected to a curb hit hard enough to send all four wheels off the ground, and even hits an object shaped to look like an animal to ensure Bambi won't hurt Bezos. After seeing this, any driver can hold less fear about pushing these things to the limit.

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