Koenigsegg Regera Arrives In Geneva In Two Stunning Flavors

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It's also time to celebrate Koenigsegg's 25th anniversary.

Swedish hypercar company Koenigsegg has just unveiled a pair of custom Regeras set to be on display at this year's Geneva Motor Show. Each has been built to showcase the Direct Drive system and the company's many bespoke, artisan finishes. Koenigsegg says that, together, the cars "are an expression of the Regera's dual personalities – sport and elegance." The first Regera, the sport-oriented of the two, is finished in Crystal White lacquer with a clear carbon center strip and Cone Orange highlights.

It's fitted with the "Ghost" package, meaning it packs a ton of aerodynamic enhancements such as a deep front spoiler and rear winglets designed to work in tandem with the stowable active rear spoiler. This provides a more aggressive appearance as well as plenty of additional downforce when required by its driver. In fact, Koenigsegg claims the available downforce in this particular Regera is increased by more than 20% thanks to the Ghost package. The interior is also a work of art thanks to polished carbon fiber accents and black and orange leather, contrast stitching, and a polished aluminum center column. The second Regera is equally impressive, but slightly different in execution.

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Finished in Swedish Blue with a blue-tint carbon fiber and Ocean Green striping, it's more focused on luxury as opposed to track capabilities. Instead of the Ghost package, attention was given to its handcrafted interior, also featuring the same exterior colors. Koenigsegg says this interior has a "Scandinavian material notable for its luxurious texture, dexterity and the sustainable manner in which it's manufactured." Both Regeras feature exclusive "Tresex" carbon fiber wheels, supposedly the world's lightest and strongest production wheels, wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires. With a total of 1,500 hp, the Regera has a hybrid powertrain with all power sent to the rear wheels.

Instead of a traditional transmission, there's the Koenigsegg Direct Drive system. The twin-turbo V8 offers up 1,100 hp while the ultralight Formula 1 grade battery pack provides the remaining 670 ponies. That Direct Drive system essentially combines both those power sources and offers instant power and torque from the electric drive. All told, 0 to 248 mph takes less than 20 seconds, and when rolling from 93 mph to 155 mph in only 3.2 seconds. Only 80 examples of the Regera are planned, all of which have been sold. This year also marks Koenigsegg's 25th anniversary, and a rare right-hand-drive CCX, built in 2006 for a UK customer, will be on display at the show.

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