Koenigsegg Regera Gets New Stylish Aero Package

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For those that want their Swedish hypercar that little bit more slippy.

As online marketing campaigns go, Koenigsegg's weekly Facebook campaign is one of the more imaginative we've seen from a car manufacturer. While a lucky few are eagerly awaiting deliveries of their Koenigsegg Regera, the Swedish supercar maker has invited its employees to get creative and dream up designs of their ideal Regera configuration. The resulting renders have been an interesting reflection of Koenigsegg's staff's personal tastes, to say the least, from purple Prince tributes, to a quirky design inspired by French wine.

This latest render is the work of the manufacturer's prototype manager Mattias Vox, who has opted for a lighter look compared to previous works. Vox's dream Regera is coated in Battleship Grey, with a clear carbon center running along the roof flanked by white stripes, which makes for a stunning combination. This is complemented by its Roe Deer interior (the Prototype Manager doesn't hide the fact he's a fan of brown) featuring brown seats with white center diamond stitching, and a sleek aluminum and carbon trim. It isn't as eye-catching as previous renders, but this Regera design is arguably the sleekest and most stylish yet that we imagine working well in the real world.

The most significant cosmetic feature, however, is the reveal of a new optional aero package fitted to the front and rear of the car. Fans sadly won't be able to create their own custom Regeras just yet, but this will soon change as the manufacturer is planning to release a configurator in the near future. Koenigsegg has been releasing new renders every week so far, though the manufacturer has said the next few may be delayed as it has something planned for reveal at the Geneva Motor Show in March. So, which is your favorite Regera render so far?

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