Koenigsegg Reveals New Jesko Absolut Development Car

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The hardcore hypercar is almost ready.

For Koenigsegg, this is it. The Koenigsegg Jesko Absolut is the fastest car the company will ever produce. In fact, that's where the top-speed oriented version of the Jesko got its name. "The name Absolut comes from the fact that this is the absolute fastest Koenigsegg we will ever make," revealed CEO and Founder Christian von Koenigsegg. Given that it's got 1,600 hp and 1,100 lb-ft of torque, it is hard to argue with that statement.

For now, the Jesko Absolut isn't in production. In fact, it's still in the final stages of development. Given the incredibly low volume of cars the Swedish megacar manufacturer makes, it's a big deal for them when even a development car like the black one you see here is rolled off the line.

Front View Koenigsegg
Rear View Koenigsegg

Unfortunately, Koenigsegg didn't specify what kind of development was going to be done with the car. All the brand would say is that this Graphite Grey Absolut will be the official factory testing vehicle, and will lead the Jesko Absolut program. However, factory test driver Markus Lundh said the car "behaves exactly the way you would want it to," so do with that information what you will.

At the very least, the small handful of Jesko owners who will be getting their hands on the car know they're buying something that's been well-tested. We saw a pre-production Jesko in August last year, but the car has been in development practically since the Regera stopped production - being honed and developed alongside both the Koenigsegg Gemera and Regera. Von Koenigsegg has said that at one point, the brand was working on the Regera and the Jesko only a few feet apart.


Given that the Absolut is still in development, hard numbers are, well, hard to come by. We know the car houses the world's fastest-revving production engine, and that it's paired with the brand's own 9-speed "Lightspeed Transmission." As a result of the car's extremely low 0.278 drag coefficient, we expect a stunning top speed from the car.

How fast the low-drag version of the Jesko will go remains to be seen, but we're sure Koenigsegg will let the world know when a top speed run is going to be made. Christian von Koenigsegg previously indicated to CarBuzz that a top speed of 330 mph was in the cards.

Front-End View Koenigsegg
Lateral View Koenigsegg
2021 Koenigsegg Jesko Engine Bay Koenigsegg

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