Koenigsegg's Head Test Driver Has An Insane Daily Driver


As in insanely practical.

Robert Serwanski has just about the coolest job in the world as the head test driver for Koenigsegg. Yes, he's the badass who let go of the wheel when the One: 1 rocketed from 0-300-0 KM in an incredible 17.95 seconds! A guy this talented who drives fast cars for a living must drive an incredible car, right? Well, maybe not. According to Jalopnik, Serwanski commutes 120 miles to work every day and as such has a more economical daily driver. We're talking a Mazda3, folks.


His Mazda3 is an automatic, 2.2-liter diesel-powered four-banger. That may sound a bit lame but 120 miles, whether that's one way or round trip, is a lot of ground to cover and gas mileage and comfort are important even to test drivers. Besides, when you drive 1,000-hp beasts all day you probably want to chill out a bit on the way home.

Source Credits: jalopnik.com

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