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Koenigsegg's New Design Chief Comes From Bugatti

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The guy's penned an exotic set of wheels or two before.

It's not enough for a hypercar to go fast... they have to look good, too. That's why SSC is replacing the nondescript Ultimate Aero with the more stylish Tuatara, and Hennessey is phasing out the awkward-looking Venom GT with the slick new Venom F5. And it's why, we're sure, Koenigsegg has brought on a new chief designer who knows a thing or two about styling hypercars.

The Swedish automaker has announced today the appointment as its new Head of Design of Alexander "Sasha” Selipanov (pictured above to the right of fellow baldman Christian von Koenigsegg).

If you've never head of Selipanov, you're undoubtedly familiar with his work. As head of exterior design at Bugatti, he styled both the Chiron and the Vision Gran Turismo concept that previewed its design. Before that he worked at Lamborghini where he helped design the Huracan. And since leaving the Volkswagen Group and its most exotic subsidiaries, he's been working on Global Advanced Design for Hyundai's Genesis division, lending his talents to the Essentia and Mint concepts.

In his new job, Selipanov will run not only Koenigsegg's design department, but its new RAW Design House division, geared towards external clients.

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"This is a dream come true,” said Sasha. "I have followed Koenigsegg’s path for years and have been a huge fan of the company’s free spirit and commitment to innovation. In today’s world, Koenigsegg’s story and achievements are unparalleled; I am honored to offer my professional expertise as well as my lifelong passion for sports cars to Koenigsegg.”

He'll be taking up the reins in October, reporting to the founding boss and company namesake. "It shows how far Koenigsegg has progressed that we can attract talent like Sasha,” noted Christian von Koenigsegg. "I look forward to fusing the Koenigsegg way of developing and designing cars with Sasha’s experience and radical methods.”