Koenigsegg’s Newest Line Of Special 1,160-HP Ageras Are For Japan Only


Why can’t we have nice things?

Flexibility is a keynote feature of the bespoke automaker because it preserves spontaneity. For big time automakers the public may know years in advance about a new model, but small companies like Koenigsegg have the luxury of building on a whim. So we weren't surprised when the Swedish automaker announced its newest model, the Agera RSR. As part of the 25-unit strong RS series, the RSR shares the same 1,160-horsepower twin-turbo 5.0-liter V8 that its brothers do.

Unfortunately, only three engines will be needed because the production cap sits at three. Don’t even bother trying to order your own copy because all three RSRs are slated for Japan and have already been bought by Koenigsegg enthusiasts. Christian von Koenigsegg wanted to show his appreciation for the buyers by giving each one a say in the final design of the car. Of course the wealthy Japanese gearheads opted to make their cars special. The most notable difference is the rear spoiler, which has more in common with the One:1 than it does with other Ageras. That’s because it trades the typical post mount for a top mount for more flowing aesthetic lines and to add a few extra aerodynamic benefits.

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The three Japanese buyers also insisted that the RSR have a removable roof, which meant that a hacksaw was taken to the air intake scoops to give the detachable ceiling room to fit inside the car. Just like Ferrari built the California to commemorate the state with its most clients, Koenigsegg mentioned his appreciation for the Japanese market and the people behind the RSR. “Japan has been an important market for Koenigsegg since the earliest days of the company. It brought us great pleasure to work with our Japanese clients to bring the Agera RSR to life. The cars they have designed add a new dimension to the already exclusive Agera RS series.” We can’t want for the Regera to make it to the states so we can start getting some special editions.