Koenigsegg Says His Cars' Top Speed Is Not A Top Priority

But he still thinks the One:1 could crush Bugatti's record.

Theother day, we advised you to get your questions ready and head ontoKoenigsegg's website, where Christian von Koenigsegg was holding an “Ask Me Anything”-style forum. A rare opportunity to speak to the founder of one of the mostunique hypercar firms operating in the world today, Koenigsegg had some surprisinganswers to enthusiasts' questions, especially when it came to speed. When askedwhen the company would test the real top speed of its cars, he said there aresimply more important things to attend to.

We would like to do such a test, but I have to say it’s not asuper-high priority for us. It’s nice to be able to say you’ve got the fastestdriven road car in the world and we believe that the One:1 could take thecurrent record but for us, it’s a matter of priorities." Koenigsegg sayshis customers are more interestedin "driving excitement, usability and overall performance".Furthermore, the company can't seem to find an airfield – other than VW's own testtrack – suitable for such a test. "What is more important," Koenigsegg asked, "Anabsolute top speed that customers are never likely to reach, or accelerationspeed, which a customer will use every time they go to the track?"

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