Koenigsegg Sedan Could Be Just Around The Corner

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But the company has no interest in building a smaller sports car.

After presenting two new models – the Agera RS and Regera – in Geneva last week, Christian von Koenigsegg continues to shock his many admirers by dropping another hint of what the may future hold. What can be more shocking than the Regera's blend of a luxurious cabin and manic, 1500 horsepower and 1475 lb-ft of torque performance? Well, imagine something similar coming out of a four-door sedan or coupe. Speaking to Top Gear, Koenigsegg said that a four-door model is a distinct possibility.

Koenigsegg stated, "Yes, I can imagine a car like that. Maybe within the next five years, possibly earlier than that." In the same breath, he also said that the company does not intend, as previously rumored, to enter the smaller, Porsche 911-sized sports car segment, calling the sector a "hornet's nest" where "everyone is trying to kill each other". Currently, besides doubling its model offering and intended production, the company is focusing on technological developments, namely an internal combustion engine with no camshafts. But don't be surprised if some of these developments will be introduced in a future sedan model.

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