Koenigsegg Teases Its Most Insane Car Configurator Yet

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The four-seater Gemera hypercar has thousands of configurations, and it may provide Koenigsegg fans with hours of entertainment.

It appears that for a mind-boggling car, Koenigsegg is preparing a mind-boggling configurator for customers to use when speccing their Koenigsegg Gemera.

Koenigsegg announced the Gemera early in 2020 as a four-seater hypercar, and now that its launch is getting closer, the Swedish automaker has given us a taste of the configurator and some of the options that will be available in terms of paint and interior colors and styles as well as wheel and brake caliper colors and styles. Just looking at the barrage of choices, it looks like it will be easy to create something tasteless but possible to develop a Gemera that speaks to the owner and exudes style.

But more importantly, it looks like Koenigsegg will make the Gemera's configurator accessible to the public, which the brand has not done before with its previous configurators.


Before, only those who had put down a deposit on a Koenigsegg had access to the configurations. A case in point is the incredibly-detailed Jesko configurator, which requires a username and password. Manny Khoshbin helped us see behind that veil previously, showing us just how brilliant Koenigsegg's configurators are. But now that Koenigsegg has teased the Gemera's one publicly, we think the new one will be open to even us plebs with no hope in hell of owning a Gemera.

While the short video doesn't go into detail, it shows us several dozen paint colors, two-tone liveries, and even the option to change the color of the Ghost Squadron badge on the rear engine cover.

Previously, Koenigseggs were limited to but a few choices for their wheels, but it seems the Gemera may buck that trend, as the teaser shows at least three wheel designs and various finishes, including gold, black, polished, and the obligatory carbon fiber. One of them even showcases carbon fiber aero inserts.

The carbon fiber wheels will likely emulate the $100,000 price seen on the Jesko, and we expect a similarly expensive bare carbon body to fetch over $300,000.


The interior, which is arguably the piece de resistance of the Gemera - owing to its four-seater configuration that can accommodate four full-sized adults - is equally as customizable, with various shades available for the upholstery, roof lining, seatbelts, and more.

Only 300 models are slated for production of the hypercar with its 1,727-horsepower combination of twin-turbo three-cylinder engine and hybrid assist being the most unique configuration we've ever seen in a hypercar.

Of those 300 buyers, none will be us as the Gemera will start at around $1.7 million, and we can be sure there will be some insanely priced options. For example, on the Koenigsegg Jesko, center stripes range from $23,200 for solid colors to $45,600 for tinted carbon stripes, and we see stripes are an option on the Gemera.

We can't wait to waste hours speccing our dream Gemera when the configurator goes live.


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