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Koenigsegg To Reveal Agera Successor Next Year At Geneva

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2019 is already shaping up to be a very good year.

Unlike other supercar manufacturers, Koenigsegg didn't reveal any major new models at Geneva this year. Instead, the Swedish automaker presented two custom Regeras designed to showcase the company's revolutionary Direct Drive system and the wide range of bespoke finishes offered by the manufacturer. However, we sat down with Christian von Koenigsegg at Geneva and he told us the Agera's replacement will be revealed at next year's show. Furthermore, he said it'll be more extreme than both the record-setting Agera RS as well as the Regera.

"We have an Agera RS replacement coming next year. We're getting the last RS off the production line in the next few days or so. The new car, compared to the Regera, is a little bit lighter, has less green technology; it;s a more direct mega car, whereas the Regera is more of a GT car, more luxurious." We also confirmed with von Koenigsegg that the Agera successor will not be an outright hybrid, though it may have some hybrid tech here and there. "It will have a very mild hybridization, if anything. It has some hybrid support but not very much," he said. More importantly, however, is that this hypercar will be new from the ground-up. "New design, new monocoque, new components," Koenigsegg added.

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However, it will feature a lighter and more powerful version of the company's twin-turbo V8. So, will the Agera successor be faster than the Regera? "It depends on what fast means. It will not be faster than the Regera to 400 kmh (248.5 mph), but it will be faster than the Regera around a race track. So it's a different focus." Koenigsegg owners are being given the chance to experience the new model at the show using a VR headset. Alas, we are not part of this elite club, so we'll have to wait to see it next year. As for the 1,500-hp Regera, waiting times have been reduced from four years to less than two years in just 12 months. "Every other week there's one going out," Koenigsegg said.

Don't get your hopes up though, because all 80 planned examples have been sold. The two special editions showcased at Geneva, both pictured here, "are an expression of the Regera's dual personalities – sport and elegance." Representing the automaker's sporty side is a custom Regera finished in Crystal White lacquer with a clear carbon center strip and Cone Orange highlights. It's also fitted with the company's "Ghost" package, which adds an abundance of aerodynamic enhancements such as a deep front spoiler and rear winglets that work with the active rear spoiler to produce more downforce.

The second Regera looks less aggressive and focuses on luxury instead of track performance, sporting an elegant Swedish Blue finish, blue-tint carbon fiber and Ocean Green striping. Inside, there's a plush interior with a "Scandinavian material notable for its luxurious texture, dexterity and the sustainable manner in which it's manufactured."