Koenigsegg Wants A Fully Electric Hypercar


Koenigsegg admits it will need to start embracing electrification eventually.

Just this week, Koenigsegg announced a surprise partnership with National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS). The first car that will launch as a result of this technical partnership will be an all-new hypercar with hybrid technology that will slot below the Regera and the Agera's eventual successor.

While it will serve as the automaker's entry-level model and help boost the company's sales volumes, it will still cost over $1 million. Later down the line, however, we could see the two companies join forces to develop a fully electric hypercar to take on Rimac and Pininfarina.


Company boss Christian von Koenigsegg admitted to Top Gear that a fully-electric Koenigsegg hypercar will inevitably happen in the future. "Eventually, we see that as a possibility," he said. "It has everything to do with battery pack weight, the car weight, the cell availability, and – to a certain degree but not much – battery cell cost. There will come a time when a BEV (battery electric vehicle) will be able to beat what we can do with a hybrid."

We probably won't see a fully electric Koenigsegg any time soon, however. As Tesla ramps up production and BMW, Audi and Mercedes jump on the EV bandwagon, he fears that "it's quite easy to realize there will be a cell shortage coming up very quickly".


In the meantime, we still have the Agera's combustion-powered successor to look forward to. It will be revealed at this year's Geneva Motor Show in March and will reportedly pack 1,440 hp. While an all-electric Koenigsegg is a possibility in the future, other automakers are already busy developing extraordinary electric hypercars capable of producing over 2,000 hp. Rimac is currently working on the C_Two, while Pininfarina is producing the PF0. Customer deliveries for both cars are slated to start in 2020.

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