Koenigsegg Will Sell Street Legal Ageras in the US Starting Next Year

Oh yeah, that'll include Canada, too.

At the moment, Koenigseggs are illegal to drive on North American roads. Seriously. The boutique Swedish hypercar builder is tired of being left out of the US and Canadian markets. In order to change that, it’s in the midst of getting the Agera certified for a full US launch next year. Actually, a One:1 will be offered for sale at Manhattan Motors in New York. However, the car lacks also federal homologation. That means its eventual owner will only be able to drive it on a road given the rare "show and display" conditions.

But for other wealthy collectors seeking an Agera, and its eventual successor that we’ll hear more about later next year, three more Koenigsegg dealers are planned. For its part, Koenigsegg is equipping the Agera with smart airbags and other essentials required for North American certification. Expecting solid sales in the "New World," Koenigsegg also recently confirmed to Car and Driver that it would like to increase total yearly production to 22-24 cars. Doesn’t sound like much? Consider that in its 11 years of existence, Koenigsegg has only averaged around 10 cars per year. The American-spec Agera is expected to cost roughly $1,650,000 million. Time to start saving.

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