Koenigsegg's Latest And Greatest Hypercars Begin Production

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The first examples should be on the road this fall.

The Koenigsegg Jesko and Jesko Absolut made their official live debuts in pre-production form in the US earlier this month at Monterey Car Week in California. Both were initially set to be revealed at the 2020 Geneva Motor Show but that was canceled at literally the last minute. Jump ahead to today and those who've placed orders for one (or both) of the $3 million+ machines will soon be taking delivery.

The Supercar Blog says an inside source claims Jesko production has begun at the Swedish company's Angelholm factory. Each example requires around eight weeks to build because it's a relatively small facility consisting of eight stations on the assembly line.

Front-End View Koenigsegg
Rear Angle View Koenigsegg
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Every Koenigsegg is built to order so no two are exactly alike. The report also mentions that production of the Regera has entered the final phase in order to make room for the Jesko twins. The difference between the variants is that the Absolut is a high-speed performance version.

The regular Jesko's rear wing is replaced by a pair of rear fins for reduced downforce and an improved drag coefficient. Koenigsegg also removed the front splitter and winglets and the rear wheels have removable covers for better stability at high speed. Speaking of which, top speed is an estimated 330.5 mph.

Front-End View Koenigsegg
Lateral View Koenigsegg
Top View Koenigsegg

Both are powered by a 5.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 generating 1,280 horsepower and 1,106 lb-ft of torque on regular fuel. Output increases to 1,600 hp on E85. This in-house built and designed engine is paired to Koenigsegg's unique nine-speed multi-clutch Light Speed Transmission (LST) that's said to shift faster than a dual-clutch. Jesko production is limited to just 125 examples and they're already sold out. Total Jesko Absolut production numbers are expected to be even lower and, needless to say, pricier.

If production has indeed gotten underway and taking that eight-week production timeline into account, we could see the first Jesko examples hitting the road by late October or early November.

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Shark Fin-Like Spoiler Koenigsegg
Source Credits: The Supercar Blog

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